Is My Mattress Toxic?
Yes, your mattress is toxic! If you’re feeling tired, headachy, and groggy in the morning. Your mattress and pillows could be the reason why!

If you're like me, your mattress is where you spend more time than anywhere else in the home! And if that’s not bad enough, your mattress releases even more toxins when you are on it!

Flame retardants, formaldehyde, benzene and acetaldehyde are just a few of the many Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) that are found in an average mattress. 

The harmful VOC's are found in your mattress, pillows and memory foam. Anything made from vinyl, foam and synthetic latex is unhealthy for you to sleep on. Here is an article that explains this in more detail.

The good news is that there are safe and natural mattresses available that are free from all those chemicals. These mattresses can be pricey, but wouldn’t you much rather pay with your wallet than with your health?

Here are some key points to remember when searching for a natural mattress:

  • Choose organic materials.
  • Look for the GOLS and the GOTS labels, as they are a higher standard.
  • Avoid mattresses with fiberfill, batting, foam and springs. 
This article goes into more detail on how to choose a mattress that won’t make you sick.

I know that replacing your mattresses is a big step. But I hope that you will at least put it on your to-do list for the near future.


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